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AV Sensors Replay - Lets talk about saving lives.

Written by Marketing Team on 18, May 2023

Owl AI's CMO, Wade Appelman recently shared our vision (pun-intended) for the future of autonomous imaging, and ADAS suites at AV Sensors Expo and they've been gracious to let us share it here.  

Last year 700,000 pedestrian fatalities occurred, mostly at night.  Owl AI is a thermal vision company committed to improving pedestrian safety, in all conditions.  The ADAS landscape is riddled with Myth's of Thermal Imaging for Automobiles that Owl is working to dispel. (Get the white paper here). One, in particular, is the idea that SWIR can also see or even detect pedestrians at night.  

It actually requires a suite of sensors to effectively see pedestrians at night;

  • Detect
  • Classify
  • Range
  • Act

and it turns out, not all solutions are capable of doing each of these things. 

Tune in to hear the full presentation from AV Sensors Expo, and questions that followed. 

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