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Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking in all conditions, is coming.

Written by Lauren Choe on 28, June 2022

Safety for All

"A car is not safe until it is safe for everyone, not just for the people inside it. A car that protects its occupants at a high cost to the safety of those outside the car is an unsafe car and should be rated as such."

 - Peter Norton


The latest article in the Ojo-Yoshida Report 'Road Safety for ALL' Raises Stakes for Automakers dives into the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's proposed changes to the New Car Safety Assessment Program (NCAP).  Most notably, it is calling on Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking (PAEB) standards that can detect pedestrians and prevent accidents involving pedestrians — not only in the daytime or on well-lit roads, but in all conditions.


Seeking public comments on the proposed changes, NHTSA administrator Steven Cliff emphasized: “For the first time ever, NCAP includes technology recommendations not only for drivers and passengers but for road users outside the vehicle, like pedestrians.”


The added bonus of building pedestrian safety into new car design, is we no longer need to rely on putting pedestrians in cars to keep them safe: bicyclists, walkers, and wildlife will all be able to more safely interact with roadways.


VSI labs, a leading organization providing testing for ADAS equipment has cited OWL as one of four vendors involved in pedestrian detection, to be in a position to most easily take advantage of this action.


Owl indeed stands ready. 


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