Richard Pesserl

Richard (Rick) Pesserl

VP Sales & Business Development

Mr. Pesserl has 30 years experience in the automotive industry, specializing in ADAS and Autonomous Driving Vehicles. His background includes 25 years at Bosch, 2 years at FLIR as Worldwide Sales Director and 3 years at Tier One Automotive Consulting as sales VP. 

In October 2018 Rick was invited to the Department of Transportation/NHTSA Headquarters in DC to provide fresh ideas to accelerate the “Road to Zero: A Plan to Eliminate Roadway Deaths” likely because of his direct experience and worldwide industry contacts in ADAS/AV and IR cameras for Automotive applications working with companies like Ford, GM, Stellanis (Fiat/PSA/Chrysler), VW, Daimler, Renault, Waymo, Zoox, Cruise, Argo, Caterpillar, John Deer, Autoliv/Veoneer, Aptiv, Denso, Valeo and many others. Rick presented the advantages of IR cameras as key new technology to drastically reduce pedestrian, bikers & crash fatalities fully aligned with the DOT/NHTSA/NCAP. In the same teleconference, the Bikers Association of America urged DOT to bring new legislation to protect cyclists and pedestrians from the alarming spike of deaths in the last 10 years.

His passion to reduce automotive-related fatalities is what has driven him –and still drives him today -to work in passive (airbags, seatbelts) and active (Foundation Brakes, Actuation Brakes, ABS, TCS, ESC, Radar, Cameras, Ultrasound, ACC, AEB, ADAS, AV) lifesaving technologies through his extensive career. Rick has joined OWL for its progress to revolutionize the IR ADAS/AV market and bring the technological advances enabling higher camera resolution, object range and speed information, shutterless operation, monocular design with variable lens technology, and advanced sensor fusion capabilities necessary to decrease pedestrian fatalities. These are new life-saving technologies with a profound impact on sustainable transportation.  

Rick spent the first years of his life in South America. He was born in Brazil, later moved to Uruguay, then to Argentina where he was married and had two children. In 1986 Rick moved with his wife and two kids to Germany where he started working at Xerox Engineering Systems in Munich. In 1991 Rick was hired by Bosch where he worked at their engineering center near Stuttgart. In 1997, Bosch transferred Rick to USA, to lead ADAS activities with American and German companies.

Rick holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and is fluent in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. 

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Get to know Rick

I divide my free time gathering with family and friends, reading books on my trusty kindle, family genealogy, taking long walks or watching movies with my wife and best friend.

Authored: The Internet of Cars: How Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Driving Cars, and Connectivity will change the Automotive Industry forever.

Published 2017
-Insights from an industry visionary

In July 2010, I became a US Citizen and live with my family in the Detroit area.

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