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Why microbolometer cameras are key to autonomous vehicle night vision

Around the world, highway safety organizations, insurance companies and regulatory agencies are urgently pressing for action to counter the steadily rising rates of pedestrian deaths and injuries at night. While connecting cameras in cars to automatic braking systems has reduced incident rates in the daytime, these cameras, even when augmented by radar, fail to provide protection at night. The latest government and industry safety regulations address this shortcoming by requiring improvements in nighttime performance as soon as suitable technology is available. In these regulations, five...

11 Myths About Thermal Imaging for Cars

What do engineers need to know about the new Thermal Camera Imaging Technology for Vehicles?Thermal imaging is the critical enabler for autonomous vehicles and ADAS systems. This article looks to set the record straight regarding myths and misconceptions about the technology.What you’ll learn:Why are automotive thermal cameras finally ready for primetime use in vehicles worldwide?How can automotive thermal cameras see in the dark?How do thermal cameras and AI technology work together for safe nighttime driving operation?Public concern over rising pedestrian deaths at night has focused the...