About Owl AI

Owl is all about safety, especially pedestrian safety. We are developing HD thermal image sensors and computer vision software. Headquartered in the heart of image sensor innovation, Rochester NY, we are singularly focused on improving visibility in no light, bright light, and degraded visual environments.


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  • Automotive ADAS L2+
  • L3/4 Autonomy
  • Industrial, Construction & Agriculture
  • Smart Infrastructure



HD Focal Plane Arrays & Cores for LWIR. Fabless Semiconductor Business Model

  • HD Thermal digital image
    sensor – patented
  • Auto qualified camera cores
  • Thermal camera reference design

Computer Vision Algorithms Uniquely Designed for Thermal

  • Classification CNNs
  • Ranging CNNs
  • 3D fusion & object segementation


Key Stats

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  • HQ in Rochester NY, USA
  • Founded in 2019
  • Experienced team in thermal imaging & neural networks
  • Thermal computer vision platform in active trials today

Owl AI Industry Awards

Over the last year we have been honored to receive a number of industry awards.

Below is a complete list: