Owl AI Executive Management

Chuck Gershman

CEO, Co-founder

Mr. Gershman has served as CEO/COO and a Board Director for three companies, he knows what it takes to lead a vision to reality.


Gene Petilli

CTO, Co-founder

Mr. Petilli is a holistic system architect and circuit designer, specializing in  Low Noise Imaging, Mobile, RFIC, Delta-Sigma Data Converters, and Hardware DSP.

Wade Appelman

Chief Business Officer

Mr. Appelman has a proven track-record of bringing industry-changing technologies to market in both private and public sector organizations.


Dan Gravelle

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Gravelle is a fund-raising ninja with 35 years experience helping private and public companies alike solve challenging financial problems that threaten to inhibit their growth. 

Tony Ciccarelli

Sr. Director, Engineering

Mr. Ciccarelli  has a unique combination of business and technical leadership honed over 30+ years with expertise in image sensing technology.

Doug McBane

VP, Quality & Supply Chain

Mr McBane has 30+ years of executive leadership experience in the Technology and Defense related industries with expertise qualifying, scaling and supporting new technologies in the Automotive and Consumer Electronics markets.

Casey Scheid

Director, Human Resources

Ms. Scheid is a leadership expert adept in developing human resources into human capital.


George Hadgis

VP, Program Management

Mr. Hadgis combines experience in image acquisition, image processing, and neural network systems with an insane ability to simplify complex problems into actionable tasks.

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