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Featured Whitepapers

Thermal Ranging Overview

Vol 1: First paper in our whitepaper series

Since most road accidents occur due to human error, automotive companies consistently invest and develop an array of technologies that can be deployed to prevent road accidents.

Thermal Technology

Vol 2: A technical primer on LWIR

This white paper explains the theory of operation of thermal cameras and sets a taxonomy for the reader to understand how images are formed using radiated energy.

Artificial Intelligence and CNNs for Thermal

Vol 3: How does thermal work with CNNs

Explains how the Owl Thermal Ranger system can locate and classify VRUs in the dark from their own thermal signatures using just one infrared camera and carefully trained convolutional neural networks.

State of Regulations for pedestrian safety

Vol 4: Government mandates for nighttime safety

NHTSA and government safety agencies around the world are setting new tests for nighttime driving to save lives.  This paper provides an updated state of these regulations and the challenges they are trying to solve.

Thermal Myths

Vol 5: Lets do some myth busting on thermal imaging


Thermal cameras have been around for a while, however, the next generation of the technology works better than ever.  This paper explores the science behind some of the myths and sets the record straight

Requirements for Pedestrian Imaging

Vol 6: Object classification  requirements

Resolution matters for object classification.  The more pixels on target the better.  That is why HD image resolution is important.  This paper outlines requirements for improving CNN performance using high resolution sensors.

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Document #Doc NameTypeRelease DateDownload
1OWL VOL1 - Thermal Ranging Overview White PaperSeptember 2022
2OWL VOL2 - Thermal TechnologyWhite PaperMarch 2023
3OWL VOL3 - AI_CNNsWhite PaperApril 2023
4OWL VOL4 - State of RegulationsWhite PaperAugust 2023
5OWL VOL5 - Thermal MythsWhite PaperJune 2023
6OWL VOL6_- Requirements for Pedestrian ImagingWhite PaperSeptember 2023
7AN 001 - External Frame Synch using Thermal RangerApplication NoteMay 2023email us
8AN 002 - Creating an .mp4 file using Thermal RangerApplication NoteMay 2023email us
9AN 003 - Using the OWL StreamDeck for Thermal RangerApplication NoteSeptember 2023email us
10AN 004 - Best Practice Guide for setting up Thermal RangerApplication NoteOctober 2023email us
11User Guide - Thermal Ranger Dev Platform V1.4.0User GuideJuly 2023email us
12SPIE Paper - Monocular Thermal Imaging for Pedestrian DetectionAcademic PaperFebruary 2023
13Release Note - Thermal Ranger V1.4.0Release Note July 2023email us

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