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Pedestrian Detection

What to look for:

Watch for the pedestrians on right side of screen.  One in white and other in black.  Note how thermal always classifies.

Stationary Street Scene

What to look for:

On coming headlights and pedestrians in the distance often obscure pedestrians when using HDR RGB cameras.


Vehicle Headlights in Night

What to look for:

The vehicle is in a dark parking lot.  The HDR (5MP) RGB camera does not see the pedestrian groups outside the throw of the headlamps.


Bike Classification lost in underpass

What to look for:

In RGB the biker is classified until it goes underneath a dark underpass.  In thermal it remains classified

Road Debris

What to look for:

Common road debris such as a pallet, cinder block and tire are shown side by side in thermal and RGB


Deer Running into Street

What to look for:

Thermal picks up living objects quickly and outside the illumination of headlights.  The RGB image never sees the deer in this video.


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