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Pedestrian Detection

What to look for:

Watch for the pedestrians on right side of screen.  One in white and other in black.  Note how thermal always classifies.

Stationary Street Scene

What to look for:

On coming headlights and pedestrians in the distance often obscure pedestrians when using HDR RGB cameras.


Vehicle Headlights in Night

What to look for:

The vehicle is in a dark parking lot.  The HDR (5MP) RGB camera does not see the pedestrian groups outside the throw of the headlamps.


Bike Classification lost in underpass

What to look for:

In RGB the biker is classified until it goes underneath a dark underpass.  In thermal it remains classified

Road Debris

What to look for:

Common road debris such as a pallet, cinder block and tire are shown side by side in thermal and RGB


Deer Running into Street

What to look for:

Thermal picks up living objects quickly and outside the illumination of headlights.  The RGB image never sees the deer in this video.


Night PAEB test - Outside Perspective

What to look for:

See Owl Thermal in action.  This video is from a test track and the vehicle under test is using Owl AI perception SW and thermal camera to safely stop when a pedestrian crosses in front. 

Night PAEB test - Driver Perspective

What to look for:

LWIR and RGB feeds from inside the vehicle under test.  Note the oncoming headlights blinding RGB and how much sooner LWIR sees the pedestrians on side and front of vehicle. 


RGB & Thermal Fusion

What to look for:

An RGB stream and LWIR thermal stream are fused together.  Deer are identified easily and colored stop sign too.


Owl Thermal Immersion (CES 2024)

What to look for:

We transported attendees into a virtual city scene to show thermal vs. RGB with:

  • Dark Scene (Limited lights)
  • On coming headlights
  • Introduction of fog

Notice how thermal sees through all conditions.

Thermal Camera in Direct Sunlight

What to look for:

Your eyes and regular RGB/visible light cameras get blinded in direct sunlight.  Not LWIR thermal.

Watch as the vehicle heads into the sun.  Thermal contrast remains consistent.  The visible light camera washes out.

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