ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo Conference – Speaker

Owl AI is pleased to have been invited to present at the  “Advances in sensing, vision, mapping, positioning and in-the-loop testing technologies” track.  

Chuck’s talk – Addressing Pedestrian Safety with Monocular Thermal Ranging will take place at 4:30PM on Thursday, September 8. 

The current de-facto ADAS sensor suite typically comprises mutually dependent visible-light cameras and radar, but when one of these sensors becomes ineffective, so too does the sensor suite.  This scenario happens often, especially when it comes to pedestrians, cyclists, and animals at night or inclement weather.  Owl will discuss a new modality known as monocular 3D thermal ranging that dramatically improves pedestrian safety.  The system is based on specialty HD thermal imaging and innovative computer vision algorithms.  Operating in the thermal spectrum, these algorithms exploit angular, temporal and intensity data to produce ultra-dense point clouds and highly refined classification.  


September 8, 4:30pm

San Jose, CA

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