Autosens Detroit 2020 – Speaking

As Thermal Ranging moves into the mainstream, hear Owl CEO Chuck Gershman discuss the enabling value propositions of this exciting new technology.

Improving Safety with 3D Thermal Ranging Chuck will discuss the use of thermal imagers which are ideally suited to address safety issues. Thermal cameras operate in any lighting condition, are impervious to solar glare and with a wavelength 10x visible penetrate obscurants like smoke, fog and haze that leave other sensors in the dark. Moreover, they are particularly good at detecting the thermal signature of people and animals as well as hot objects like vehicles. Thermal cameras are available in HD resolution, support 3D ranging via a combination of deep learning and optics, while running at high frame rates, essential attributes for safe autonomous vehicle operation. With images nearly as sharp as a visible camera, and always available, existing perception investments can be leveraged for quick deployment. Finally, thermal cameras improve safety by offering both data redundancy and diversity within the traditional sensor suite.

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