CES 2024: What to Expect to See from the Automotive Industry

Kayla Nadler

Vehicle Service Pros, Jan 8, 2024

Although the event touches all industries, the automotive industry will once again take over a large section of the show floor. Here’s an inside glimpse of what to expect to see.

Owl AI’s thermal night vision
Owl Autonomous Imaging (Owl AI), a 3-D thermal night vision sensor and camera solution developer, will demonstrate its new ADAS safety technology for nighttime pedestrian automatic emergency braking (PAEB). With the company’s new HD thermal camera technology and its AI software, the long wave infrared (LWIR) thermal imaging sensors will enable cars to not only see living objects (pedestrians, bicyclists, and large animals) ahead on the road but also to identify what they are, then to tell the driver to slow down or stop. If the driver doesn’t respond quickly enough, it will enable the car to slow down or stop automatically. The sensors are designed to work in complete darkness, bright light, rain, snow, and fog, and can identify warm objects in total darkness up to 200 yards ahead.

See for yourself, and experience thermal immersion. 
West Hall Booth 6867

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