Owl Perception Software Suite

Designed for Thermal Imaging

Object identification from real-time 3D volumetric point cloud


Convolutional Neural Network



Convolutional neural networks are computer simulations of pliable groups of neurons that operate by producing a positive response when they detect a strong correlation between objects in a new image and objects in a series of images that they have learned in training.

CNN training is similar to the method used to prepare humans for recognition tasks. In training radiologists to read x-rays, for instance, the saying is, “show interns 50,000 images and tell them what they mean and then they will be able to reliably decide what any new images show”.

The trick is to pick the right set of images for training to minimize both missed pathology and over interpretation.

Convolutional Neural Network
Software Suite

Owl AI Thermal Perception Suite

Owl Perception Stack

Classification & Segmentation

  • Provides object bounding in 2D
  • Combine with ranging CNN for 3D volumetric response
  • Crisp segmentation for data efficiency

Monocular Depth for Ranging

  • 3D point cloud


Thermal & RGB Fusion

  • Ideal for visualization and refined computer vision with perfect frame synch


Combine all Owl CNNs

  • Object identification from real-time 3D volumetric point cloud


Owl Perception Software

Owl has developed a complete suite of CNN’s specifically for thermal imaging.

Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor our perception software to meet your unique application needs.

See the Owl AI software suite in action below: 


RGB/Thermal Fusion

Classification, Ranging and Segmentation