Making Cars Safer with Thermal Imaging Technology

Owl AI is a popular interviewee.  Recently Eightify turned an interview with CEO, Chuck Gershman and did a TL:DR (Too Long Didn’t Read) to highlight the most interesting sections.

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TLDR Owl AI is focused on using thermal imaging and computer vision technology to make cars safer and save lives, with a strong emphasis on safety, trust, and accountability.

Timestamped Summary

  • 🦉 00:00
    Chuck Gershman, CEO of OWL AI, is a highly honored and accomplished technology executive.
  • 🦉 01:10
    Owl AI seeks to make cars much safer by focusing on pedestrian safety and saving lives outside of the vehicle.
  • 🔄 02:50
    Technology trends in the semiconductor industry repeat every 10-15 years, with concepts coming in and out of favor driven by compute speed.
  • 🔍 04:23
    Thermal imaging is crucial for autonomous vehicles, as it can passively detect objects in the dark and adverse weather conditions, leading to the development of a thermal imaging product and computer vision software.
  • 🔍 07:08
    Thermal cameras in cars can see through obstacles, but the challenge is engineering a system that combines thermal imaging and computer vision using semiconductor experience to create a thermal sensor.
  • 🦉 09:00
    Owl AI’s core values are safety, trust, respect, accountability, passion, and determination, with a focus on saving lives and building trust as the foundation of their work.
  • 💡 10:28
    Channel emotions and always layer respect to affect great ideas and change, demonstrate passion and accountability, and push the envelope every day.
  • 🚗 11:55
    The automotive industry demands high performance and quality, creating opportunities for small innovators to influence the industry.
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