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Get Real in Greater Rochester, NY Radio Podcast

Innovator from Rochester, making roadways safer for pedestrians.


“The next big hurdle in #artificalintelligence is taking video and being able to have a computer interpret what it sees. And Rochester is at the forefront of that. And so is the university system. and so is OWL AI” Hear more from Owl Autonomous Imaging's Chuck Gershman about this innovative #Roc company in the latest Greater Rochester Enterprise iHeartMedia WHAM1180 Get Real podcast.

"A 59% increase in pedestrian fatalities (76% of those, at night) in spite of added automotive safety features," says CEO, Chuck Gershman.  This is why Owl AI has set out to make roads safer for pedestrians, known as Vulnerable Road Users - people, that are NOT in the vehicle - with the Thermal Ranger. 

Listen in:

Get Real Podcast - Chuck Gershman interviewed

About Owl Autonomous Imaging

Owl Autonomous Imaging delivers monocular 3D thermal ranging computer vision solutions that dramatically enhance safety day or night and in adverse weather conditions, to automotive and industrial mobility markets. Thermal Ranger™ is Owl’s passive 3D sensor solution that uses AI deep learning and custom thermal sensors to extract dense range maps. Owl AI’s system approach identifies living objects in all conditions from dense urban environments to completely dark country roads where it is paramount to quickly identify, classify, and determine the distance to an object including all VRUs. This allows autonomous vehicles and vehicle operators to safely navigate and stop to avoid catastrophic damage or injury.

Our mission is to save lives.