IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) — June 16, 2024 Washington DC

Join us at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS).  June 16, 2024 8am-5:20pm Washington, DCChuck Gershman, CEO & Cofounder Sensing Modalities for the Road to Autonomy and Beyond Sensing modalities are enabling technologies for the ongoing revolution in autonomy. This is evident from the global sensor market that was valued at B in 2019 […]

Q&A: Owl AI Making Better ADAS Systems with Help from Drones

March 11, 2024 Sebastian Blanco SAE International recently caught up with CEO Chuck Gershman how a new technology is opening up doors for Owl AI.   Owl AI has steadily been improving the SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cost) of the electronics in its thermal camera sensors while also improving capability. The company’s latest units have […]

Precision Imaging: Automotive Image Quality in Challenging and Complex Conditions

Chuck Gershman March 27, 1530 GMT / 8:30 am PDT AutoSens Focus Session In this FOCUS session, our invited experts from Immervision, Owl AI, AVL, DXOMark and OMNIVISION will explore the cutting-edge technologies and next generation developments poised to revolutionize vehicle perception in challenging conditions.  Discussion points include:  Enhancing image quality in adverse weather conditions.   […]

Voice of America

Check out the Voice of America video story from the Owl AI Thermal Immersion Experience at CES 2024

Cars Will Enlist Thermal Infrared and AI to Shield Pedestrians

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In five years or so, all new cars will be able to see in total darkness. What you need to know about the new automotive PAEB technology to provide automotive safety at nighttime. Visit our latest coverage in: Electronic Design February 15, 2024  You’ll learn: Why governments, industry and insurance companies, associations, regulators, and companies are recommending […]

Why do automobiles need new night-time safety systems?

Wade Appelman, CBO Owl AI Electronics360, January 10, 2024 Or to rephrase, “Why do pedestrians need better protection at night?” This has become such an easy question to answer that even the mainstream press is writing about it. Last December, The New York Times provided stark answers with its article Why Are So Many American Pedestrians […]

Within Five Years, All New Cars Will Be Able to See at Night

Clive Maxfield Electronic Engineering Journal, January 9, 2024 Within Five Years, All New Cars Will Be Able to See at Night! Owl’s new 3D thermal imaging technology can detect and identify warm objects in total darkness up to 200 yards ahead. Read the full article here:

CES 2024: What to Expect to See from the Automotive Industry

Kayla Nadler Vehicle Service Pros, Jan 8, 2024 Although the event touches all industries, the automotive industry will once again take over a large section of the show floor. Here’s an inside glimpse of what to expect to see. Owl AI’s thermal night visionOwl Autonomous Imaging (Owl AI), a 3-D thermal night vision sensor and […]