CES 2024: What to Expect to See from the Automotive Industry

Kayla Nadler Vehicle Service Pros, Jan 8, 2024 Although the event touches all industries, the automotive industry will once again take over a large section of the show floor. Here’s an inside glimpse of what to expect to see. Owl AI’s thermal night visionOwl Autonomous Imaging (Owl AI), a 3-D thermal night vision sensor and […]

Why Are So Many More Pedestrians Dying in the US?

In the past decade, the number of pedestrian fatalities has increased 77% – nearly all of these at night.   This staggering statistic about pedestrian safety is not going unnoticed by the likes of New York Times as covered in their recent podcast episode.   Owl AI is working to improve safety of pedestrians through increased night […]

Driving Innovation at the Edge

Owl AI CEO, Chuck Gershman was recently interviewed on the use of AI for autonomous vehicles, building a company, and leadership skills for the future.    Host Shankar Hemmady brought a delightful conversation on AI, silicon and safer autonomous vehicles.  One of the most salient points was the idea that AI won’t be taking jobs, […]