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Automotive & Road Safety Online Summit

February 7, 2023

Zoom in to hear the latest from Owl AI

Owl AI is on a mission to save lives and has recently released its Monocular 3D Thermal Ranger Computer Vision for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles in a quest to make roads safer.  

CEO, Chuck Gershman joins international automotive & road safety experts to discuss the latest innovations in automotive safety of future mobility. The 4th Annual Automotive Safety Online Summit brings industry leaders together to share their experiences, and discuss emerging trends and technologies. 

Chuck-Road Safety summit


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  • Computation in real-time of occupant kinematics in CAV maneuvers

  • Enhanced safety with 3D thermal ranging

  • ADAS and safety impacts – a practical view

  • Autonomous vehicles: safety challenges and societal impacts

  • System safety ISO 26262

  • Sensors and electronics safety: latest innovations

  • Functional safety: increasing role and practical applications

  • Child safety: challenges and opportunities

I compliment the organizers for their excellent work and wish to participate in future meets with good wishes. 

The quality of the research presented was excellent.  Productive discussions and exciting ideas for future work...

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Automotive & Road Safety Summit