Top Emerging Startups 2023: Sensors

Owl AI is honored to have been identified as a top emerging Sensor Startup in 2023 by Tracxn. 

But we love their creativity because not only are we honored, we are identified as a Minicorn.  An honor we will absolutely  wear with pride.  

The Minicorns – are the high growth early stage ventures (Series A+). Watch out for these companies as they take the business to the next level, by scaling up for the accelerated growth.

The Sensor sector has over 4.2K+ startups that comprise of companies offering devices that can sense particular attributes and provide a digital output. These companies offer various types of industrial sensors such as pressure, temperature, & force. As well as sensors used for certain applications such as TPMS, structural health monitoring.

This sector is one of the most active sectors for investors, with an overall funding of USD 26.7B in 1.48K companies. It is also interesting to note that around one fourth of the funding has been raised in the last 3 years (2020-2022).

Tracxn keeps track of the latest happenings in the world of startups and associated ecosystems – including venture capital funds, private equity funds and investment banks amongst others. Owl AI is pleased to be included in the curated list of most promising startups leading the Sensors industry, across the globe.

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