Thermal Night Vision ADAS Cameras Are Ready for Prime Time

Dan Carney, Design News

January 13, 2023

Thermal cameras provide obvious nighttime crash-avoidance benefits but have been held back by cost.

Thermal now reminds me of lidar five years ago,” remarked Wade Appelman, chief marketing officer for Owl Autonomous Imaging in an interview at CES in Las Vegas.

The company specializes in infrared thermal cameras for driver assistance and the computer vision software that maximizes the benefit of such cameras. The obstacle to adopting infrared cameras is similar to that faced by lidar: “The challenge in thermal is to get the cost down,” he said

Owl’s CMO Wade Appelman, was interviewed at CES 2023 by DesignNews Magazine, one of the world’s top design engineering publications, about the recent launch of the Evaluation Kit for their new Thermal Ranger™ ADAS & Autonomous Navigation Development Platform. 
Click here to read the full article & see the role Owl AI’s 3D monocular thermal camera is poised to play with the ability to expand imaging viability over a much wider operating range.
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