AEye, Owl AI, and GPR Present Briefing on Latest Automotive Mobility Sensing Technologies at U.S. Ambassador Rahm Emanuel’s Residence in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan – Dec. 7, 2022 – On December 6, 2022 AEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIDR), Owl Autonomous Imaging (Owl AI), and GPR presented the latest solutions in automotive sensing and transportation technologies at a briefing for Japanese automotive industry executives hosted by Ambassador Rahm Emanuel at the United States Embassy in Tokyo.

Ambassador Rahm Emanuel shares opening remarks at a reception with technology leaders from AEye, Owl AI, and GPR. Photo Credit: The U.S. Embassy

The event highlighted the cutting-edge technology developed by these companies and the robust and strategic automotive trade relationship between the United States and Japan. The U.S. and Japan boast one of the largest trade relationships in the world, with bilateral investment and trade totaling $1.6 trillion annually.

AEye, Owl AI, and GPR, trailblazers in the automotive mobility sensing technology industry, each create essential components of a sensor fusion system that includes lidar, cameras, and radar. These technologies provide the most robust and safe solution for autonomous mobility and transportation.

AEye CEO Blair LaCorte introduced adaptive lidar and explained how AEye’s 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform facilitates the release of new, industry-advancing features across the scale of autonomy — from vehicle autonomy, to ADAS and industrial applications. Featuring a modular system design and software programmability, 4Sight provides a single, software-definable, and future-proof platform to leverage across a diverse range of automotive and industrial applications. AEye partners with leading Tier 1s — such as Continental and Aisin — and system integrators — to configure and manufacture its sensors to meet the performance and functional requirements of diverse markets.

“In 2017, the first demonstration of the 4Sight platform outside of California was in Japan. Then, we initiated relationships with technology partners and customers that continue to thrive today,” said Blair LaCorte, CEO of AEye. “We look forward to building new relationships and expanding current partnerships with OEMs and technology companies in Japan that drive innovation and strive to advance a future of autonomous driving and smart infrastructure.”

Owl AI’s technology was presented by Chuck Gershman, CEO and founder. He shared Owl AI’s ability to bring 3D thermal ranging technology onto roadways across the globe. The foundation of the company’s autonomous imaging technology is an adaptation of a thermal ranging solution developed under a challenge grant from the U.S. Air Force. The solution for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) requires redundancy and diversity, maximized across a 3D image map. Owl AI has developed a patented 3D Thermal Ranging Camera™, the world’s only solid-state camera delivering HD thermal video with high precision ranging for safe autonomous vehicle operation.

“The U.S.-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has proven that most vehicles, when tested in chaotic nighttime tests, fail to stop before impact,” said Chuck Gershman, CEO and founder of Owl AI. “At Owl AI, we have focused on a system solution using a combination of our thermal ranging camera and computer vision software to solve this problem.”

GPR’s presentation was given by Tarik Bolat, CEO and co-founder. GPR enables safe autonomous driving in a range of challenging conditions, including snow, rain, fog, or when lane markings are poor, by mapping and tracking to the road’s subsurface with Ground Positioning Radar™. Unlike the visual environment on the road, the subsurface is stable. The result is a product that pinpoints vehicles with centimeter-level accuracy in any condition. GPR is working with some of the largest OEMs in the world to make automated driving safer and more broadly used.

“Japanese automakers and suppliers have been at the forefront of safety and reliability for a long time, and we’re excited that Ground Positioning Radar™ will be a part of that by delivering a positioning system that works in even the toughest on- and off-road conditions,” said Tarik Bolat, CEO and co-founder of GPR.


Heading Photo Caption: AEye, Owl AI, and GPR presented their technological developments at a briefing at Ambassador Rahm Emanuel’s residence in Tokyo, Japan. (Pictured left to right: GPR CEO and co-founder Tarik Bolat, AEye CEO Blair LaCorte, U.S. Ambassador Rahm Emanuel, Owl AI CEO and founder Chuck Gershman)


About AEye

AEye’s unique software-defined lidar solution enables advanced driver-assistance, vehicle autonomy, smart infrastructure, logistics and off-highway applications that save lives and propel the future of transportation and mobility. AEye’s 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform, with its adaptive sensor-based operating system, focuses on what matters most: delivering faster, more accurate, and reliable information. AEye’s 4Sight™ products, built on this platform, are ideal for dynamic applications which require precise measurement imaging to ensure safety and performance. AEye has a global presence through its offices in Germany, Japan, Korea, and the United States.

About Owl Autonomous Imaging

Owl Autonomous Imaging delivers Monocular 3D thermal ranging computer vision solutions that dramatically enhance safety day or night and in adverse weather conditions, to automotive and industrial mobility markets. Thermal Ranger™ is Owl’s passive 3D sensor modality that uses AI deep learning and custom thermal sensors to extract dense range maps. Owl AI’s system approach identifies living objects in all conditions from dense urban environments to completely dark country roads where it is paramount to identify, classify, and determine the range to an object. This allows vehicles to safely navigate and stop to avoid catastrophic damage or injury. Our #1 mission is to save lives.

About GPR

GPR is pioneering the safest and highest performing assisted driving and autonomous capabilities through its Ground Positioning Radar™. As the world’s most accurate and reliable vehicle positioning system, GPR allows vehicles to determine their precise location with centimeter-level accuracy, no matter how challenging road conditions become. Whether it’s on-road in challenging conditions like unmarked roads, poor weather, or urban canyons, off-road, or even underground, vehicles that incorporate Ground Positioning Radar™ are able to deliver a more robust, higher quality assisted and autonomous driving experience that other sensors can’t. GPR is working closely with OEMs and Tier 1 partners to help vehicles safely navigate where current ADAS sensors, including lidar and camera-based systems, fall short. For more information, visit


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