Introducing a New Sensor Modality: Intelligent 3D Thermal Ranging for Autonomous things & more

The world's only High Definition 3D thermal Imagers with high precision ranging for safe autonomous operation in all weather, day or night.  



The Owl Difference

Our patented always on 3D Thermal RangingTM solutions provide precision ranging with 100x the resolution of LiDAR, operate day & night, in all weather, definitively classify; pedestrians, cyclists, animals and vehicles (either moving or stationary) all the while calculating position, direction and speed (3D-velocity).

Owl's imagers combine HD Thermal Imaging with High Accuracy Ranging – no other solution provides this capability in a single sensor. Up until now the ability to see and measure 3D (X,Y,Z) required the fusion of multiple modalities (generally vision and LiDAR).  No longer.  Known as optical fusion, Owl delivers the purest, most efficient registered data sets possible to downstream AI to unlock safe autonomous operation. 


The Benefits of Intelligent 3D Thermal Ranging

  • Safety - Pick the safest path based on the best information
  • Pedestrian Detection - Thermal sees all living objects even if they don’t move
  • Precision Ranging - Optically registered, advanced discrete optics and high sensitivity detection
  • True 3D Velocity - Measures and reports angular velocity in three dimensions
  • “Always On” - Any condition, all weather & day/night

A New Class of Imager - 3D Intelligent Thermal Ranging

Owl Sees Everything

3D Location, Speed and Direction

High Frame Rate


Optical Fusion

HD Thermal Video with Range Data

Object Classification

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